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4 Yankee Brew News June/July 2011 Hiking continued from p. 1 to visit all of the brewpubs in New York State. “Along the way, we discovered that New York has an amazing number of cool places to visit,” Rankin said. “From Montauk, to Plattsburgh, to Buffalo and everywhere in between.” After finishing the New York version of the site, Rankin and his crew began expand-ing the site to other states. “People from other states caught the vision and helped us create chapters in Vermont, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Maine — even Quebec,” Rankin said. The Views and Brews website offers hik-ers of all experience levels a chance to find a hike near a brewpub or brewery taproom. Users can easily identify brewpubs near hikes they want to accomplish or hikes near brewpubs they want to visit. Serious hikers created the site, and those who peruse its pages will find plenty of interesting hikes and walks to be made during beer travels. (L) Brewer Jon Curtis from Haverhill Brewery pauses for refreshment atop Mt. Isolation. (R) Danielle Broderick atop Mt. Hibbard. The View and Brews Patch—not easy to get. P HOTOS BY T IM B RODERICK Qualifying for the Patch Rankin admitted that the patch might seem a little intimidating. “While we are hard core hikers,” Rankin said, “Views and Brews is not about mara-thon hikes. We only ask that you hike at least one mile and then go sample at least one of the local beers at a nearby brewpub.” Rankin’s definition of a brewpub is sim-ple: “A restaurant that serves its own beer.” “While our web pages list suggested hikes for each brewpub, you can hike any-where you want,” Rankin said. “Finding a hike for some places is tough, so we have to be flexible. For instance, where do you ‘hike’ in New York City? Our solution was the Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Promenade, which offer fantastic views of Manhattan on one side and million-dollar homes and fabulous gardens on the other.” Stamina, Thirst Required Rankin has been diligent in covering the territory the website serves. “Currently, my wife, Laurie, and I have earned ‘The Patch’ for nine states, visiting over 125 brewpubs together,” Rankin said. “The most recent being a one-day marathon in Delaware, which has four great brew-pubs.” Laurie Rankin happy to arrive after a day of hiking.

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